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Hi, I'm Bendy!

Why am I called Bendy?

Because I am literally, bendy! I have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which effects my connective tissue and as a result I am very hypermobile and have stretchy skin!

I have suffered with my health since being a child because of this syndrome. 

But I have never let it stop me for long. I've paused a few times, fallen many but I always get back up and end up in a better position. 

In 2012 I started lifting weights, I was around 100lbs when I first started lifting - it was a messy start but I soon learned and even did my Personal Training qualifications so I could do better and know more! I started to really fall in love with weights!


In 2014 I was told I needed new hips - I refused the surgery and instead trained smarter, and have been told it has saved me from needing walking aids or operations!

It was around this time I started my Personal Training business - initially teaching women fitness and pole art!

By 2015 I weighed 140lbs and it was at this point I decided to get into Bodybuilding. 

I started in Toned figure in 2016, moving up to athletic figure in 2017. Winning several local and national titles along the way. 

In June 2018 I won the Nabba World Championship Athletic Figure title. 

In 2019 I entered the trained figure division and I intend to get back there in 2024!

I have had a few years off as my health got really bad for a while but I am back fighting and I will be back on that stage soon!

Join me on my socials to see my progress and pictures!

Join me on my spicy sites for even more of a insight into my life and progress - plus ya know, loads of filthy hot kinky stuff!!

Just join me on my journey!

Trust me - I have a habit of making my journeys extraordinary, it will be a fun ride!

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